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Gubernatorial air war: $47.6M

Television advertising about Michigan's 2014 gubernatorial candidates cost $47.6 million. The candidates' campaign committees paid less than a quarter of that cost and most of the rest will not be reported to the State of Michigan.

Dark money dominated Supreme Court, AG campaigns

Unreported, unregulated spending dominated advertising for the Michigan Supreme Court and attorney general campaigns. Dark money paid for 65% of TV costs in the Supreme Court campaign and 59% in the AG campaign. What you don't know may hurt you, or all of us.

Top PACs on record fundraising pace

Michigan's top 150 state PACs have raised $60.1 million - 73% more than the top PACs had raised at this point last election cycle. The difference is largely due to the proliferation of superPACs. See which interest groups brought the most money to this year's campaigns.

State candidates' campaign finances - two weeks out

Candidates for state offices have filed their final complete campaign finance reports prior to the November 4th election. See how the candidates stack up financially.

Top Michigan Donors to RGA, DGA

Michigan voters have been exposed to a barrage of advertising about the gubernatorial candidates sponsored by the Republican Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association. Know the Michigan-based interest groups and individuals who are fueling the RGA and DGA.

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