Michigan Campaign Finance Network

Top PACs have raised $12.9M - up 36%

Michigan's top PACs are raising more money than ever. There's plenty of fuel for political fires to come.

Legislators raised $2.1M in eight months

The State doesn't have a transportation plan but legislators have raised $2.1 million for their campaign accounts since November 25th.

Dark Money and Justice

Michigan has a record of dark money spending in elections for offices related to the administration of justice like no other state in the union. A new report from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network shows the record, and examples of the dark money electioneering communications that are undermining public trust and confidence in the impartial administration of justice.

State lobbyists' spending topped $37M in 2014

Michigan lobbyists spent more than $37 million in 2014 but reporting thresholds conceal who is benefitting from much of their largesse. Citizens should have a right to know how lobbyists are spending money to influence public officials.

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